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Diana and Michael move close to the truth. Ronan is there, she is still torn between he and Michael in death as in life. Who will she choose?

     Michael recalls the great war in heaven.  He reflects on how God raised Elijah, Moses and, Lazarus from the dead.  
John 3:16”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

         Diana wants move on, Michael shows her heaven and tells her she must have hope. Michael leaves to continue saving lost teen girls and disastrous teen boys. Lucious learns of the location of Elijah's cup. He needs the cup to complete his resurrection unity. He convinces Lilith that Diana will become a new Eve after the rapture. Lilth appears with Lucious in a battle for Diana's very existence.

Hannibal Gaius Aurelius Crane

An immortal born before Christ and searches the earth for a cure to immortality.

A man who struggled with who he was in the frame of all humanity. Do you still struggle with who you are if you are the first man?


Hannibal Gaius Crane is a character driven story about an immortal named Hannibal Crane. He was born in Africa in the beginning of time. He was self destructive, dramatic and had an addictive personality, yet he displayed great feats of heroics and compassion. He spent the first years of his life trying to discover the science behind how he became an immortal. He spent the rest of the book trying to discover how to survive in a black and white world.

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The Genie of Blackwaterbay

A Genie has two suitors who follow her through space and time, to battle to the death for her love, but is in search of her one true love.
There are good Jinns and bad Jinns although it was difficult for Jenny  to tell which one was in pursuit of her. She left her palace in a parallel world and surprisingly found herself floating in her lamp in Boston.

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Hillary Hermes 5:Codex

Hillary book 5

Andre falls in love with a local witch and Diana and Jace decide to adopt. Once we find out how I got here it’s on to discovering the quintessential element! I wake up to one of my dreams.  Hillary and Dino and Madeline and Sax find out what they really mean to each other.”Quintessence, unconsciousness-used to transport through time, or freeze oneself-immortality,” That’s how I came here, but something went wrong, ”I mouth to myself. 

The road to spirituality. Hillary sees the path to master enlightenment.

No vampire, ghost or ghoul could touch it. The vampires pursue their next goal to make Hillary create souls, she wouldn’t or couldn’t until now. Aqua vitea,spirits of wine.


Hillary Hermes 3: The Golden Grimoire

Hillary learns to master Earth in  The Golden Grimoire. It contained all the spells to reincarnation and time travel.  Aristedes have turned against each other, . Macro Ferreti is in town and he is not convinced of their new found hatred of each other. He explores his past with theirs in hopes of triggering their true selves.The Marco Ferreti has returned with all the secrets of the past, but no sign of the missing Somers witches. The Aristedes want it and they have figured out how to create an artificial soul.   She needs the power of three to stop them, but can the Somers even help her?

"So your father intends to change the curse?"Hillary said.
"It will be difficult, he is the seventh son, a true vampire, not made," Dino said.
The souls are fleeting and connected through centuries.
"Dino and Dante, your souls equal free will, you are not bound by blood or night this is why they want you," Marco Ferreti.


Hillary Hermes 4: Cauldron

            The book opens with the joint wedding of Dante and Victoria and Diana and Jace. Maria's masterpiece is spoiled when Hillary falls ill at the wedding.The vampires have learned the secret to the elixir in Hillary's ring. She has learned wind and is even more dangerous to them. They have captured a black witch named Ming Lee Soto, and she becomes good luck for all. They have turned Aqua regia against her and corrode the noble stones in her ring. They are using a blood ritual to control her. The blood in the stone is the only thing keeping her alive. She needs another ingredient Tantalum found only in Greece in the 18th century to stabilize the ring. Under a spell of protection, Hillary uses wind to travel. Hillary and Dino travel back in time and become separated. Both loose their memories. Can they find each other in ancient Italy to lead them back to their time?  The five  will render the ring indestructible Osmium is rarely found, therein is your trail.

"Blood is an immortal's life, there fore we shall just keep Hillary from her essence," John.
"They've turned wind and water against us  Hillary only you can help us,"Tabitha.
"But  I don't have wind," Hillary.

Andre and Andrea arrive at the Brown Sorceress home.  They are amazed at how easily they can stroll into the trap filled mansion.  “She is probably watching us,” he says.
            “This place gives me the creeps,” Andrea.

“That’s a first for you,” he says.

“I’m surprised to see you here, “Czarina says out of the shadows.

“Fools Gold, “says Andre.

“We have come to discuss the details of Hillary’s ring. Well actually we have a plan, yes Fools Gold,” says Andre.

“We’ll replace the ring with that,” Andrea.

“Iron Sulfide,that’s good,”she says in a hiss.

“The gold will interrupt her control of it,” Andrea explains.

“I am well aware of what it will do. You’ll need more than that. She is the best Alchemist of all time.  Fools Gold won’t fool her.  Come back when you have more,” she says.

“You don’t sound like you care or are willing to help,”Andre taunts again walking closer to her face this time.

“I don’t want to get burned in one of her chemical fires,do you?Well keep digging,” she commands.



 Archangels:Faith Synopsis

We open with Michael fighting over Elijah's body.   “God knows what’s in your heart and mind,” he says.
Diana's Guardian angel,Azreal arrives to help her in Michael's absence.
           “Then he knows I love you, “says Diana.

Michael wants to reassure himself that she means that they all love each other as individuals. He shakes his head in disbelief and leaves. He knows she has fallen in love with him. He can no longer hear god and he knows he has fallen in disfavor with the lord most high. Diana has lost Ronan and Michael and the grief is over whelming. Michael knows he must keep distance from her, has grown dark, lost his powers, and is almost demoted.

Diana’s father is investigating several murders that lead to Cameron Kent other wise known as Shemhaza. Diana arrives just time to save her father. Shemhaza (infamous rebellion, a watcher equal to Azazel comes to the city. He brings with him another mysterious guardian angel, Cameron Kent. He pretends to help Diana and keep her distracted. Diana is focused on getting Ronan back.
Diana begins to learn that he was cast out of heaven. He is involved in a string of killings. Shemhaza tries to revive Ronan.  Ronan’s body has disappeared from his grave. He needs the magic from Moses' cloak. 

Diana begins to question herself after Michael leaves. Cameron Kent convinces her to focus on the future. Shemhaza warns him he must appear to be a good angel.”Don’t worry, I’m a good actor,”he says.  Diana learns faith by going through a series of trials and tribulations, and helping others. She learns to believe in what is seen and unseen. Raphael helps Diana through the trials and she begins to suspect Cameron when he disappears when he knows Raphael is coming.

Michael earns his way back through the ranks by sacrificing himself for a town full of people. He and the other three return to Rome and expose Shemhaza and cast him away from earth.  Cameron Kent disappears for it was Shemhaza who made him.  Diana knows Michael and Ronan are still lost to her, her two loves.

Titans and Gods

Chronicles adventures of three girls who are the daughters of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus in opposition to fate. If they submit to them they die.

      Fifteen year old triplets Max,
Dax, and Dex Cyprus have a gift. They can hear the gods old and new talk to each other. They have been to doctor after doctor as children with no results.  They were born within an island chain of volcanos in Hawaii. They soon learn that their gift isn't by chance. It is of flesh and blood. They decide to travel to Greece and learn that they are demi titans, The daughters of fate have decreed that the girls cannot exist. The igls have got the fates agaisnt them, then if matters are n't bad enough Zeus sends out thee of his greatest demi gods to bring about their demise. Will the Gods prevail with the fates on their side.

"You need a demi god,your gifts are not strong enough,"Mithos.
"Who then?" Dex.
"Some of the greatest heros of all time, take your pick,"Mithos.

Elf Country

Elf Folk


Brett Butler has always felt different.  Then one of her sisters comes to live with her.
All over 6 foot have trouble fitting in because of the height and noble dispositions.  Their mother moves them from school to school.  All are ballet dancers. They are wise; develop keen senses, and spiritual powers.

All are very graceful with blue or green eyes.  One day they find a picture of their father. He is very tall, very pale with purple eyes. They stumble upon their mother’s journal; she speaks of a mystical place just beyond Stonehenge. They ask their mother and she admits he is an elf. Having trouble fitting into this world they set out to learn about their father and his land. They embark to England and hang a right past Stonehenge. There they find a mysterious plain in between our world and the first sphere where unicorns and gnomes, and fairies that fell from angeldom roam freely. They find their father Leo Magnus living, he is a immortal.


Teen Droid

A girl falls in love with a android in an alternate universe.

Tagline: He just wanted to be a regular teenage boy.

      Jason Major did very well in a world run by women, in a time when men where expensive indulgences. His mother an elite software tycoon provided very well for he and his sister. Jason Major never understood why he could see between worlds. One day he stumbles upon his father's latest creation, a portal between worlds,that allows him to leap into Paradise High in minutes. Justin soon learns he is in a high stakes game between his Samantha and Justin Major, In a world mixed with androids and humans equally, there is no need for simple things like school.  After all the machines provide everything, but action and adventure. The young android always wanted to go to school. He soon gets his wish along with all the heart breaks and wonder of being a teenager.
One single nano cell has infected a boy and threatens life on earth, Can he save his love and the earth?

Ghost Town

A young mother falls in love with her husband. Don't let hungry ghost into your home. Once you do,its over.

Mark and Amanda Lord thought they would never become separated until Mark Lord dies. CIA agent Mark Lord dies in his wife’s arms. He awakes in another body, and fights to get back to her. He fell, as a ghast,half spirit,half human, all in the ghost world hunt him. Want yo come into this world, and take it over, be what he is. Amanda hires a team of paranormal researchers set out to solve the mystery. Maria Garcetti  travels through time and space and finds a home of ghosts who think they are human. Amanda finds herself navigating through a dangerous crime underworld. It's the house of a violent cult of the 1960's. Can she help Mark and Amanda find each other again?

Introducing Smoke and Black Ghost(he appears like a black cat between deaths and can speak to the dead) saw them in the forest around the house, around all the houses in the small space. She forgot cats could live off the land, but there was something about this colony of cats, something more.

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Print cover

An FBI agent falls in love with a werewolf.

Twenty-three year old Elizabeth Vicenti is a first year sudent, is promoted as a special agent to work on a crime scene in Fairfax, Virginia.
She and her partner  Buck Sandoval a middle aged emergency room doctor turned CIA agent follow a trail that leads them to  Patrick Sumeral
The twenty four year of medical school drop out, leads them unknowingly to the rest of the pack.  They are trapped between death and a mysical world of totems and weres.

Tasty Morsels