Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Cover

The Doppleganger

Genre-Sci-Fi -Time travel

Theme-Advanced societies that choose to toy or change Mother Nature will only find retribution ultimately returns with a vengeance.
Kristin Grigori was a tireless public servant motivated by greed, now she is bound to serve humanity based on a longing infused in her DNA known as the experimental Time Matrix.

It was earth 2045 and Kristin Grigori’s father made a serum of the longest living animals this world had ever known. The Calderans had strict laws opposing scientific experiments involving their pristine island and its animals. Kristin became an outcast and couldn’t go back home. She roamed the earth from time to time, one of many doppelgangers, and her body reborn every seven years.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Hypnotist and The Red Lipstick Killer


The Hypnotist and The Red Lipstick Killer by Y L Parker


Logline: A hypnotist helps the FBI track down one of her patients.


WGA# 1245650


FBI psychiatrist, Ryan Black tracks his latest suspect to the door of renowned hypnotist Marisol Mirren. 

Pharmacist turned serial killer Vincent Careli will stop at nothing to impose revenge on powerless rejects of society.  Marisol feels she’s running against her own reputation.  She joins the FBI’s hunt after she believes she could be responsible for his latest tirade.  She answers Careli at every turn trapping him with her hypnotic powers.

Careli believes Ryan will be his last and greatest hunt. Can Marisol get there in time?


Story and Treatment



Uptown and downtown areas around a city, abandoned buildings forests, college campus, offices, police station


There are three main characters.  Marisol Mirren, Ryan Black, Vincent Careli


Doctor Marisol Mirren-Protagonist female in her 40’s, with purple high heels, trench collar and RED long coat and slacks.  She is about 5 foot ten long brown hair. Caucasian.


Agent Ryan Black, early forties, 200 pounds muscular build.  He is wearing yellow colored shades, blue jeans, rolled up sleeve blue jean shirt long collars 70’s open to the chest. Gun on right back hip covered by flap and design of the jean shirt.


The scene opens with Marisol Mirren performing hypnosis on the serial killer.

A body is found.  FBI sends its best psychiatrist Ryan Black to investigate.

Ryan Black visits Dr. Mirren and questions her about Careli.  She evades him and decides to pursue Careli on her own.

Mirren believes something she did or didn’t do may have made Careli flip.

Mirren visits Ryan and tells him she will go after Careli, so he doesn’t get suspicious.

Careli is apprehended for a while then escapes again.

More deaths may link to her are at stake.  Her reputation is on the line.

More bodies are found.

She decides to use her methods to track him, at the same time she is trying to keep them hidden.

She is not sure if Careli is faking or he can out smart her.

She believes Ryan is her friend.

Both are experts and this puts them in a jealous position of one another.

Careli learns Mirren is following him instead of the police.  This puts a strain on his plan because he is prepared for the police, but he is not sure he can resist Mirren’s powers of suggestion. 

He grows board and decides to leave a false trail so the police are following him. 

She has 911 call him he answers the phone.  They leave a key word that plants a false memory in his head.

He awakes at will and leaves the building.

She tells him to blackout background noise and wait for her commands.  She puts his brain in a loop.

Marisol chases him across town.

She searches the scene and knows her clues have slowed him up.  She calls him on the phone and he answers. She tells Careli he will experience more anxiety.  He becomes agitated at every turn.

He wakes up suddenly at will. 

He leaves and finds another hideout. 

She tells him you will get up and your mind will go from task at hand and you will do nothing.

Careli sits in the chair motionless.

He awakens a few minutes later

She arrives outside and shouts on the bullhorn.

Marisol tells him when he eats something he will choke easily.  The next time he eats he begins to choke for several moments, he chokes on the floor collapsing gasping for air, he scrambles to the sink and gulps water out of the faucet.

She tells him he’s surrounded.  All of the sudden he can’t use the gun.  He grabs Ryan as a human shield.

The police advance.



Mirren thinks some of the clues might lead to her.

She realizes some of the clues may lead to her and Black has known and is following her.  And she learns Careli has Ryan.

He attempts to use psychological tactics to or satirical compliments to draw Ryan into his circle in an attempt to drive the psychiatrist crazy.

Careli believes Ryan will fall for this because Ryan went into the FBI instead of going into training of the mind that he feels he and Mirren have.  He admits Mirren is his match.

Careli can’t lay a glove on her.

Careli captures Ryan Black.  He realizes Ryan is stronger than himself.  They fight and Ryan think he escapes but doesn’t. Careli attempts to tortures him and hold him in a psychological cage.

Once they find his hide out Mirren calls Careli and tells him not to hurt Ryan by hypnotic suggestion.  Careli falls for to the suggestion. 

Mirren must move up her race to his hide out and not only find Careli but save Ryan before Careli finds a way to shake off the spell and ills Ryan.


The End


Mirren uses her hypnotic techniques to subdue him and keep him under control until the police get there.

Careli is captured.