Tuesday, March 20, 2018


There was a village named Agedo, not too far from the river.

The village is a very peaceful village and was ruled by the village chief Ajaka

Ajaka was a fair and just man, who administered equality and fairness throughout the village.

Ajaka knew how to settle disputes involving lands, families and other things that bordered the villagers.

One day, a grumpy looking elder named Dotun came to Ajaka with a land dispute, he had with his younger brother.

After Ajaka listened to both of them, he found that Dotun was wrong and the land belong to his younger brother.

So Ajaka handed over the land to Dotun’s younger brother.

Dotun who brought the case to Ajaka, thinking he would favor him was mad with rage.

He protested and protested, but the decision had already been made.

Dotun did not forget what happened.

He kept on thinking of a plan to get back at Ajaka.

Until finally Dotun decided to visit the river gods.

“Send Madness to Ajaka, and make me the village chief,” Dotun said to the river gods

“What will you give us?” The River gods asked in return

“I will sacrifice one goat daily to you,” Dotun said in desperation.

“We will accept, but should you fail to deliver, you will lose your power and Ajaka will be sane again” The river gods replied.

Dotun was very happy, “the first thing I will do, is get my land back from that foolish brother of mine,” Dotun said to himself as he left the river.

Meanwhile, a little young boy named Kunle watched all that had transpired between Dotun and the river gods.

Soon Ajaka went mad and started ripping his clothes apart and eating from the dustbin.

People were so scared that the gods were angry and in their fear, they all made Dotun the new chief.

Dotun wasted no time, he immediately collected his brother’s land and reviewed the tax laws.

The new tax laws were so heavy, that the villagers labored every day and still could not feed their family.

When Kunle’s parents could not feed him well again, Kunle knew all was not well and he had to do something.

Kunle called all his friends together and they made a plan.

One by one they hid all the goats in the village.

The next day when it was time for Dotun to make his daily goat sacrifice, all the goats were gone.

Dotun ransacked the whole village but there was no goat.

Kunle and his friend had carefully hid them where no one could find them.
Slowly the day passed, and Dotun missed his sacrifice.

The river gods got really pissed and made Dotun mad.

Ajaka got his sanity back and became chief again.

Justice was restored in Agedo village and Dotun the mad elder was

banished to the evil forest.





Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jesus America



        Jesus was last of the immortals. Born of two mortals it would not be long before he was mortal again himself. He was a sensei everyone used mercenaries. It was the only way he could survive. Jesus America looked around again confused, it was the hot dry sun. The scene was bright too bright and hazy and dusty. It was time again. It was slow at once then moved fast too fast. Everything seemed hopeless. The earth was almost lost to him. Can you imagine the Earth lost to an immortals? He could not leave and go to his other home like the others. He was stuck here in this barren parched space of nothing. One minute it was at the beginning of a month, the next the end of the same month. Before long the end of a season. As if he was standing still in it some sort of vortex. This had been happening for a while, it was how it all started. He looked down at his feet were children, they were immortal. He had to be careful. Immortals could sense each other. He was the mastermind behind the immortal serum and was always looking over his shoulder for his old boss Alexandra Steel. She was the least of his worries.  He could feel sense their essence........ maybe he wasn’t finished after all.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Neptune 2 Crew

Most of crew consisted of former naval officers .The First Officer, female, genius was a new naval cadet who graduated naval academy at fifteen. The ship was staffed with Former and retired Olympians and  international naval officers.  There were not many Science officers. Brent Matthews recruited Dr. Livingstone as a fellow Oceanographer to come with him.

      Taylor Matthews could not help but to think of her ex-husband as she stared out the observation window out to sea. Brett had golden and sandy hair with streaks of dark brown hair and blue eyes. Brett could not help but to think of what brass always said about her and the other half he knew. She would tell the truth up to a point and do enough just to get by, survive to fight another day. Commander, career Navy, Brett Matthews ex-wife, legally separated but still married. She was mad because Brett wanted a divorce but came back to her quickly at night. In fact he could not sleep without her. She had caramel skin and caramel hair and eyes as dark as marbles. She the best engineer in the fleet they said to her. His other staff member was Angel Martinez, the best doctor in the fleet. Angel was a ladies man. Brett and Angel were mortal enemies, but would come through and do something nice once in a while. Both would save the day. Angel knew every inch of the old naval and submarine fleet.



Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Neptune 2 New Species


      This parallel universe was a world of endless oceans that reached up to the sunny sky. This world was occupied by three different species. The Sunari were a prey race of sea dwellers. They resembled the sunfish but their bodies had evolved over time. They were bipedal with a fish like appearance. Their faces looked like the sun fish. They were very large and bred into bipedal animals by the Rocorapters. Sunari were great spies and good with information. Sunari  lived all over the world and moved from one side of the world to another very  quickly. They were once hunted to extinction by the Rocorapter. The Rocorapters were dinosaurs that evolved into an intelligent advanced reptile species. After it was revealed that the Rocorapters were distant cousins to the Sunari and it was prohibited to eat them, and the Sunari were kept as slaves for decades. The Sunari were freed by the humanoid race named Glazier. The Glaziers had a bubble like appearance which made them appear invisible as they moved through the through the ocean. Both were always at war with the Sunari caught in the middle.

Thursday, January 11, 2018




Harrison Jack Chow exhibits an explosive personality  that always comes in at the end to win the case. He works with an Aramis Assante. She works as a detective for cases all over the world. She is very quiet and makes the arrest at interrogation. Both work undercover and always conclude the case in the judge’s chambers. Both work for the US attorney’s office. This pilot centers on an international ring in which begins with an adopted foreign national from an American University. It then moves to International counterfeiting and the adoption industry.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Mortal Man

The Mortal Man


    It was 2500 and the end of the world. There was one man left, he was mortal, yet one of Hannibal’s descendants. It was time to remember the way the world was. Jesus Amerika spent his life hiding and destitute. What was in his name, it was his past and future; if he had one.  In just 500 years before the world was made of four religions. He was born an immortal, but knew his time was near. It was winding down. The genes that kept him young were diluted and the serum that ran through his veins was almost gone. The nervous system that made his ancestors bold was next to nothing when he was born. He had lived 500 years and that was enough. He looked tired and weak as he roamed through the desert. He sat down and his eyes blurred for his eternal sleep. He was searching for his old religion in the Egyptian desert. He understood why the children turned on the new religions. He wanted his place before Osiris. All the immortals lived by an eye for an eye. He wanted to be judged for what he did right against what he did wrong. He was born a Buddhist but what he did over 500 years would not let him go back to that life. He grabbed his turban, closed his robe, and rocked in the sand storm. There was no way out. "I paid my debts," he proclaimed. He wrestled back and forth with life that was when he saw them. He thought he was hallucinating. They would never let him go not while there was life on earth and one immortal left. Yet many more were needed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017



I am the origin

Of civilization

My daughters,Nefertiti,Cleopatra, Hatsheput!

So surreal, so eminent

Men could only fall at their feet, call them queen!

He worships me,

Prizes me so

Bonparte will

Conquer or obstruct,

At my mere whis-per.

In England, I am so supreme,

So cunning, that  kings

Would change the church:

Relinquish their thrones just for Me.

I am so magnificient, sublime.

Princess my first name

Grace, my second, and Monaco my domain.

In the east, I am an adornment,

A treasure, so respected, valued. That cannot be forsaken,

If I had been a dutiful wife

Following my husband’s wishes

My people would nt have known

The wealth of the new world.

In the new World,

The Europeans came, Chaos it became

My sisters, Pocohontas and Rosa Parks

Shaped it , called it Liberty.

I am as unpredictable, intricate,

Complex, as the most perplexing Puzzle.

My gameboard the Universe.