Sunday, October 15, 2017

Matthews and Dr. Livingstone

Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Livingstone was curious and knew all the dialects and sounds in the ocean, and had knowledge of every animal that ever lived. She was a zoologist, linguist, and oceanographer. She found a unique way to converse with animals in the sea, and could turn that dialect into one that would communicate with animals in a parallel world. She could decipher whole languages and could talk to them through prehistoric hieroglyphics. She lived in an island in an old lighthouse house. She came on board the exploration mission to this parallel world where these Prehistoric animals thrived. She wanted to see them, be a part of the mission and was amazed at what she saw. She was skeptical of NOAA’s intent but once she relaxed, Brett and Dr. Livingstone bonded over oceanography.
Brett Matthews

       Dr. Brett Matthews grew up watching the ships come in. He was brought up by a single mother. The sea was his escape, he watched and dreamed he had a family and was in another place altogether. He imagined far away places and wondered where the ships had been. These guys seemed to have everything that got off these ships. He stowed away as a child but local sailors found him and took him back home. One fell in love with his mother. His father was a three time divorcee but wanted a family and retirement as well.

     Theodore Matthews drilled Brett in maritime, navigation, and seafaring. He had the discipline and family he always needed. His father made sure his application was accepted into the naval academy. Brett joined the military after high school was a career officer. He was surprised at the how quickly the time went by in the military.  Brett was glad to retire but soon after that NOAA. They needed some to provide a cease fire someone without a past or future. Brent found the skins from the aquatic prehistoric animals or APA they were called. He would build the ship and he would pilot the mission to their world.



Thursday, October 12, 2017

Phoenix Introduction

       The Phoenix is met in a torn atmosphere by a Liberatas
 fleet of bombers. It narrowly escapes again, unharmed, because
 it turned into the Phoenix Bird, was reborn, and took flight.
It was found by Nasa in the Stratosphere. The Phoenix is unique
because its design, is that of a fighter, stream jet, and rocket
all in one aircraft Phoenix is escorted by 3 Nasa private jets to
a tattered Nasa Fleet. West sees and lands on a hidden Nasa Fleet
air born Aircraft carrier. Nasa is still in rebellion and hiding within
the atmospheres has managed to advance its weapons and bring its
force online despite being hunted and dismantled by the Liberatas

Neptune 2 Crew

      Most of crew consists of former naval officers
The First Officer, female, genius who graduated naval
academy at fifteen Other crew members consisted
of former Olympians and  international naval officers.
There were not many Science officers. Brent Matthews
recruited Dr. Livingstone as a fellow Oceanographer to
come with him.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hillary Jewel Match

Hillary Jewel Game

Hillary Jewel Game

      Hillary  is a teen chemist from a family of witches. One day a super natural
incident triggers powers of an alchemist.She finds out that her family sealed
the essence of an ancient alchemist in her body. This alchemist is waking,
she has to learn to use her first power of fire very quickly. She does not remember
how to use her other powers, of wind, fire, and water. The ring found with her is
dying and the jewels must be replaced for Hillary to get her powers back and live.
for she cannot be separated from the Alchemist.

    Hillary needs to find the missing jewels for her rings.See if you can arrange the jewels
in this match game for Hillary. You score if you make a match. Once Hillary's
ring begins to work again, she can get her powers back and she can will regain her

Hillary's Game

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hannibal Crane

This is the fist look at a young Hannibal Crane.

He is from the book  Life and Adventures of Hannibal Crane. Hannibal Crane is an immortal that was born at the beginning of time.