Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Corporate Takeover

Corporate Takeover-Drama (2006 WGA) 1261167
Corporate takeover is a high stakes game of corporate business, where billionaires wage war on each other in the media, boardroom, and through the stock market. An American lawyer acquires businesses and tears them apart for a living, but she’s caught off her game when she meets a British rival across the pond who turns the tables on her.

Alexander And The Insects

Alexander made insects impervious to aging and disease, but what if he made them the carriers. Kristen Grigori knew Alexandra Steele could help her. She was known to all as the Mistress of aging. Alexandra had patents for the hypothalamus nano-implant and six nuero protectors, that everyone now needed. No one could stop her. The robotics industry tried, but she bought them out. She was a brilliant scientist who hated aging. It was not uncommon to see her in different, time, space and dimensions. Yet she swore she was not an immortal,yet to downplay herself, it sometimes did not work, but did sometimes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Jerica Banner

     Jerica Banner was the great grand daughter of the white supremacist Lane Hardaway. She was named after her father Jerry Banner. She had the power to reach through the ages and feel the pain of the minority. Her father Jerry Banner was only a little better than Lane, but it was a big improvement. That was enough for him to prove he was a full time parent and had guardianship over her until he got sick. He was a politician who did what politicians do, plus he hated poor people even on his sick bed. However, Jerica was the exact opposite.

David Golem

David Golem was Jewish born a and of two Jews. He was orphaned from the age of two. His parents died in what was a suspicious car wreck. David was eight years old and had knowledge of the ages. Jesus looked at him and smiled. he sometimes was overwhelmed, he thought he needed a nanny. He sometimes wondered how he would make it and why he was tasked with the care of these children. Then he knew why. They were all miraculous, powerful, and unique. Andrew had pure DNA or both his parents of the House of David. How this was known, he did not know or wanted to know, but Jesus had to hide David from those who knew and did not know and that was his destiny.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Children

      These children had an essence deep within them that was very ancient, wise, and most of the time it could be dangerous. This was why they were with Jesus America. This essence fueled them, and they did not know how to control its strength. It was as if they were from past lives. Something very ancient and old stirred in the depths of each one of them yet unique in itself, and them at the same time. It was something different from anyone else in their perspective families, it had its own life.

Skylar West


Stratosphere 2004-Action, Adventure Sci-Fi

WGA NO:1023931

A pilot becomes trapped in the layers of earth's atmospheres.


Captain Skylar West had been commissioned to escort the Palamedes and the Phoenix across the US.  The heat flux core exploded and hurled the Phoenix 200 years into the future.  The atmospheres in this time are permanently dilated from the damage caused by her ship years earlier.  The Libertas government vowed to bring her to justice, and the fleet pursued West through every inch of the atmosphere.  West struggled to bring her crew back to their time.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Alex 'Starlight' Mbogo

   Star was the youngest of the immortals. She was a runt when Jesus found her she was also the most important. She had Hannibal’s blood coursing through her veins. In a world of infertile females she was valuable. Pure born were rare and non-existent, and the rare were also valuable. She was hidden because their family members were the last pure blooded Africans with 100 percent African DNA. Jesus spent all of his time keeping her safe before he knew these facts because she was an immortal female. The immortals were hunted, and now young were born, and displaced amongst the population more so like mutants. Ever so often when the DNA and genes aligned in a certain way and an anomaly was born. Jesus was their keeper and their sensei. He found her standing next to her great grandfather three years ago who had just died.