Thursday, January 11, 2018


Harrison Chow exhibits explosive personality  that always comes in at the end to win the case. He works with an Aramis Assante. She works as a detective for cases all over the world. She is very quiet and makes the arrest at interrogation. Both work undercover and always conclude the case in the judge’s chambers. Both work for the US attorney’s office. This pilot centers on an international ring in which begins with an adopted foreign national from an American University. It then moves to International counterfeiting and the adoption industry.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Mortal Man

The Mortal Man


    It was 2500 and the end of the world. There was one man left, he was mortal, yet one of Hannibal’s descendants. It was time to remember the way the world was. Jesus Amerika spent his life hiding and destitute. What was in his name, it was his past and future; if he had one.  In just 500 years before the world was made of four religions. He was born an immortal, but knew his time was near. It was winding down. The genes that kept him young were diluted and the serum that ran through his veins was almost gone. The nervous system that made his ancestors bold was next to nothing when he was born. He had lived 500 years and that was enough. He looked tired and weak as he roamed through the desert. He sat down and his eyes blurred for his eternal sleep. He was searching for his old religion in the Egyptian desert. He understood why the children turned on the new religions. He wanted his place before Osiris. All the immortals lived by an eye for an eye. He wanted to be judged for what he did right against what he did wrong. He was born a Buddhist but what he did over 500 years would not let him go back to that life. He grabbed his turban, closed his robe, and rocked in the sand storm. There was no way out. "I paid my debts," he proclaimed. He wrestled back and forth with life that was when he saw them. He thought he was hallucinating. They would never let him go not while there was life on earth and one immortal left. Yet many more were needed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017



I am the origin

Of civilization

My daughters,Nefertiti,Cleopatra, Hatsheput!

So surreal, so eminent

Men could only fall at their feet, call them queen!

He worships me,

Prizes me so

Bonparte will

Conquer or obstruct,

At my mere whis-per.

In England, I am so supreme,

So cunning, that  kings

Would change the church:

Relinquish their thrones just for Me.

I am so magnificient, sublime.

Princess my first name

Grace, my second, and Monaco my domain.

In the east, I am an adornment,

A treasure, so respected, valued. That cannot be forsaken,

If I had been a dutiful wife

Following my husband’s wishes

My people would nt have known

The wealth of the new world.

In the new World,

The Europeans came, Chaos it became

My sisters, Pocohontas and Rosa Parks

Shaped it , called it Liberty.

I am as unpredictable, intricate,

Complex, as the most perplexing Puzzle.

My gameboard the Universe.







Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Snow Leopard

      She was known to these scientists as  The Snow Leopard Specimen. They were warned not to wake her, she had not thrived in the desert for nothing, she could change at will to tolerate season upon season. The Snow Leopard had many names. To her king she was the Tundress, Queen of both poles. They did not know how she would react. She and her people were of the cats. It is why she was hidden in Egypt and this was the source of her immortality, and just another life for her. Mummies were scary but cats were unpredictable, and creatures like her unknown. It was a risk but there was no preparation when they opened the tombs, but they had studied both for years. They were lucky the king still slumbered and breathed a sigh of relief. She hissed and purred when she woke. She clenched both hands, reacted with frost, and this was her power. She used it to nourish the cats and protect them with storms and barriers.




     The Tundress or Tundressa, Snow Leopard, Quuen of The Poles, and Fire Cat was hidden deep within Sekhmet’s cavern.  She had many names. She had power over the other immortals and more power than most of them. The scientists created a process that would wake her and contain her power in one space. She was more powerful than her sister and brother together. She had power over frost and could hibernate like all of her family members. She could frost through storms and power heat into blue fire. The cats meowed and their bones rattled an eerie cry. Cats only tolerated humans, but once they touched your life, you were theirs. Cats were sacrificed by the thousands in these hallowed halls.  Humans feared to open this chamber for years. The cat’s bones and spirits cloaked her essence. It took them so long, years before they found the tomb. This was not the Desert King’s doing.

     Their temple was sealed in magic, each immortal had its own magic. The magic that sealed their death chamber was voodoo. The crocodile spirits and bones animated to protect the king. It took years before they could unlock the lock, and they hoped this magic was not a key to her true identity. The only new part of her origins and they hoped that she was not who they thought she was. The Creole Queen had the power to reach across worlds and seal the crypt. But what was voodoo doing out here in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings?They had hunted these immortals for many years no one believed of their existence.

     They hoped not to wake the Desert King. When she woke blue fire flashed from behind her eyeballs. They knew she could get the job done. The Creole Queen was more powerful than Tundressa, but they did not know this. The Tundress had power over all cats, but there was only one defect, her family members had power to counteract her own. The Tundress shielded her animals and sent them on the search. They were identified by the cold streak in their blood. The Creole Queen would launch her dwarf cats that were far more vicious. The Tundress looked at them, they melted her cold hear, she could not move, she was vulnerable. This alone was enough to bring her to heel.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Neptune Episode 4

Dr. Livingstone had a secret, she worked par-time additionally to her other job for an animal rights organization. In fact her mission was to catalog new life and keep NOA from killing anymore animals. NOA had evolved into a sophisticated military operation along with the rest of the government. She was to also find a sanctuary for their endangered animals in this new world. She was most concerned about the whales, she thought they could adapt to this new world but she was not sure. She winced at what they had done to specimen 90. She hated to think of what happed to the other 89 specimens. They died in battle Brett said as he walked up on her. He turned slowly and caressed his beard. He looked like he had been out to sea for years.
      Brett left his lounge. His quarters was a replica salvaged from a ship 100 years old. He touched the wheel and stared at the back of her head. She looked out the window, and knew he was watching her. Something nudged the ship. "Captain," they yelled. He ran back to the Captains chair. "Hard a stern," he yelled. They were running blind. The lights were back on and there was a glimpse of the bird. She ran to the window. They saw an aquatic pterodactyl as it dived into the water and raced into the skies with equal veracity. She was afraid of it and marveled at it as well. It held its breath to 50 depths. "Lights," he said slowly then," dive...!"
     "You are following it, she asked and looked back at him.
     "You want pictures don’t you," he said to her quietly. He turned on the external lights. The outside of the ship lit up like submarine pod in deep murky waters. He loved the ship and it handled like a million dollar race car.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Desert King

     Fire Cat looked over at her king. It was rumored the king now an Indian, was an immortal who settled in Africa many centuries ago. He was between a vampire, and a wizard and had the power to travel through time, whisper in men’s ears, and even take over their bodies. The priests woke her from her tomb. She looked around, her king's tomb beside her was still closed.
     "Your king still slumbers," The priest said.
     "Why am I awake?" She asked.
     "You are an immortal or did you not know?" The Priest asked and answered.
     "I did," She said.
     "He is extra ordinary but not what you are," They continued to speak in one sentence riddles, "Your family members are immortals?"
     "Some of them," she answered cautiously, but could not help herself and she stood tall. Her ashes had constructed her body back to its original form.
    "Your brother is like you are. Did you think We did not know?"  He could not tell if she knew.
    "No matter bring him here," he commanded. if she did not know, it would be that much more of a challenge. She knew they did not know everything about her or they would not speak to her in such a manner. She could tell they did not know everything about her family and the full extent of her powers. "You can do this?" He said.
     "I can.....What do you want? What if I don't do this?"
     "Your brother can wake them all easily, we cannot. We know who you are, your king thinks you are just his queen, ..but you are more..... You are the Last Princess.
    "I am," she replied, but there was another, and they did not know or need to know everything.