Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Mortal Man

The Mortal Man


    It was 2500 and the end of the world. There was one man left, he was mortal, yet one of Hannibal’s descendants. It was time to remember the way the world was. Jesus Amerika spent his life hiding and destitute. What was in his name, it was his past and future; if he had one.  In just 500 years before the world was made of four religions. He was born an immortal, but knew his time was near. It was winding down. The genes that kept him young were diluted and the serum that ran through his veins was almost gone. The nervous system that made his ancestors bold was next to nothing when he was born. He had lived 500 years and that was enough. He looked tired and weak as he roamed through the desert. He sat down and his eyes blurred for his eternal sleep. He was searching for his old religion in the Egyptian desert. He understood why the children turned on the new religions. He wanted his place before Osiris. All the immortals lived by an eye for an eye. He wanted to be judged for what he did right against what he did wrong. He was born a Buddhist but what he did over 500 years would not let him go back to that life. He grabbed his turban, closed his robe, and rocked in the sand storm. There was no way out. "I paid my debts," he proclaimed. He wrestled back and forth with life that was when he saw them. He thought he was hallucinating. They would never let him go not while there was life on earth and one immortal left. Yet many more were needed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017



I am the origin

Of civilization

My daughters,Nefertiti,Cleopatra, Hatsheput!

So surreal, so eminent

Men could only fall at their feet, call them queen!

He worships me,

Prizes me so

Bonparte will

Conquer or obstruct,

At my mere whis-per.

In England, I am so supreme,

So cunning, that  kings

Would change the church:

Relinquish their thrones just for Me.

I am so magnificient, sublime.

Princess my first name

Grace, my second, and Monaco my domain.

In the east, I am an adornment,

A treasure, so respected, valued. That cannot be forsaken,

If I had been a dutiful wife

Following my husband’s wishes

My people would nt have known

The wealth of the new world.

In the new World,

The Europeans came, Chaos it became

My sisters, Pocohontas and Rosa Parks

Shaped it , called it Liberty.

I am as unpredictable, intricate,

Complex, as the most perplexing Puzzle.

My gameboard the Universe.
Copyright Yolanda L Parker 2015-2019






Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Snow Leopard

      She was known to these scientists as  The Snow Leopard Specimen. They were warned not to wake her, she had not thrived in the desert for nothing, she could change at will to tolerate season upon season. The Snow Leopard had many names. To her king she was the Tundress, Queen of both poles. They did not know how she would react. She and her people were of the cats. It is why she was hidden in Egypt and this was the source of her immortality, and just another life for her. Mummies were scary, but cats were unpredictable, and creatures like her unknown. It was a risk but there was no preparation when they opened the tombs, but they had studied both for years. They were lucky the king still slumbered and breathed a sigh of relief. She hissed and purred when she woke. She clenched both hands, reacted with frost, and this was her power. She used it to nourish the cats and protect them with storms and barriers.




     The Tundress or Tundressa, Snow Leopard, Queen of The Poles, and Fire Cat was hidden deep within a cavern Sekhmet's temple.  She had many names. She had power over the other immortals and more power than most of them. They expected to find nothing but cat skulls and skeletons. But she was here along with her king. The scientists created a process that would wake her and contain her power in one space. She was more powerful than her sister and brother together. She had power over frost and could hibernate like all of her family members. She could frost through storms and power heat into blue fire. The cats meowed and their bones rattled an eerie cry. Cats only tolerated humans, but once they touched your life, you were theirs. Cats were sacrificed by the thousands in these hallowed halls.  Humans feared to open this chamber for years. The cat’s bones and spirits cloaked her essence. It took them so long, years before they found the tomb. This was not the Desert King’s doing.

     Their temple was sealed in magic, each immortal had its own magic. The magic that sealed their death chamber was voodoo. The crocodile spirits and bones animated to protect the king. It took years before they could unlock the lock, and they hoped this magic was not a key to her true identity. The only new part of her origins and they hoped that she was not who they thought she was. The Creole Queen had the power to reach across worlds and seal the crypt. But what was voodoo doing out here in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings?They had hunted these immortals for many years no one believed of their existence.

     They hoped not to wake the Desert King. When she woke blue fire flashed from behind her eyeballs. They knew she could get the job done. The Creole Queen was more powerful than Tundressa, but they did not know this. The Tundress had power over all cats, but there was only one defect, her family members had power to counteract her own. The Tundress shielded her animals and sent them on the search. They were identified by the cold streak in their blood. The Creole Queen would launch her dwarf cats that were far more vicious. The Tundress looked at them, they melted her cold hear, she could not move, she was vulnerable. This alone was enough to bring her to heel.
Copyright 2017 Yolanda L Parker

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Neptune Episode 4

Dr. Livingstone had a secret, she worked par-time additionally to her other job for an animal rights organization. In fact her mission was to catalog new life and keep NOA from killing anymore animals. NOA had evolved into a sophisticated military operation along with the rest of the government. She was to also find a sanctuary for their endangered animals in this new world. She was most concerned about the whales, she thought they could adapt to this new world but she was not sure. She winced at what they had done to specimen 90. She hated to think of what happed to the other 89 specimens. They died in battle Brett said as he walked up on her. He turned slowly and caressed his beard. He looked like he had been out to sea for years.
      Brett left his lounge. His quarters was a replica salvaged from a ship 100 years old. He touched the wheel and stared at the back of her head. She looked out the window, and knew he was watching her. Something nudged the ship. "Captain," they yelled. He ran back to the Captains chair. "Hard a stern," he yelled. They were running blind. The lights were back on and there was a glimpse of the bird. She ran to the window. They saw an aquatic pterodactyl as it dived into the water and raced into the skies with equal veracity. She was afraid of it and marveled at it as well. It held its breath to 50 depths. "Lights," he said slowly then," dive...!"
     "You are following it, she asked and looked back at him.
     "You want pictures don’t you," he said to her quietly. He turned on the external lights. The outside of the ship lit up like submarine pod in deep murky waters. He loved the ship and it handled like a million dollar race car.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Desert King

     Fire Cat looked over at her king. It was rumored the king  was an immortal who settled in Africa many centuries ago. He was between a vampire, and a wizard and had the power to travel through time, whisper in men’s ears, and even take over their bodies. The priests woke her from her tomb. She looked around.....her king's tomb beside her was still closed.
     "Your king still slumbers," The priest said.
     "Why am I awake?" She asked.
     "You are an immortal or did you not know?" The Priest asked and answered.
     "I did," She said.
     "He is extra ordinary but not what you are," They continued to speak in one sentence riddles, "Your family members are immortals?"
     "Some of them," she answered cautiously, but could not help herself and she stood tall. Her ashes had constructed her body back to its original form.
    "Your brother is like you are. Did you think We did not know?"  He could not tell if she knew.
    "No matter ....bring him here," he commanded. if she did not know, it would be that much more of a challenge. She knew they did not know everything about her or they would not speak to her in such a manner. She could tell they did not know everything about her family and the full extent of her powers. "You can do this?" He asked.
     "I can.....What do you want? What if I don't do this?"
     "Your brother can wake them all easily, we cannot. We know who you are, your king thinks you are just his queen, ..but you are more..... You are the Last Princess.
    "Perhaps," she replied, but there was another, and they did not know or need to know everything.

Copyright 2017 Yolanda L Parker

Fire Cat

      Fire Cat was known as Queen of the North and South poles came from a region in both poles. It was foretold that her mother walked thorough fire to save she and her siblings who were trapped in a burning house. She fled to this area when she was a ten and made it her home. She had the ability to change with the seasons and adapt to extreme colds weather and extremely hot weather. She declared the poles her domain. She was magical and therefore no man made decree by the UN could keep her from her home. The UN declared in 1902 that no one could claim the north of south poles. This was news to her. The Artic animals yielded to her and her alone because she kept them safe, and imported more animals to her protected haven at will.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Mistress

The Mistress


        Mira Shaw showed up at the end of the funeral. She appeared and stayed in the background. She wore a tight mini dress with dark shades, broad elastic belt, and huge wide brimmed hat. This was his favorite outfit. She looked up and sniffled. His family did not know she was the one who made all of the arrangements. His wife had long gone, but his four grown children lined the front row. Hugh Townsend had many friends, and she stood in the back ground barely noticed. Their relationship was mostly secrets, lies, and sex. This was all she wanted. All she wanted was him, he was married but she had been with him for many years. She really loved the man she was dating, so she really did it to please him. Mira got some satisfaction from it but this was her gift to him. They had been together for thirty years and now it was over. This was her closure. She caressed the large turquoise ring he gave her. It was her mistress ring, she would be the next wife, he always said. She turned on her heel and walked out of the cemetery.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Liberatas Fleet

       The Liberates Fleet was made of old bombers. They controlled all of the earth and patrolled the skies. There was one flaw. The Phoenix launch left a hole in the atmospheres. The Liberates Fleet was made of soldiers that formed a rogue government. They sent all of their old NASA employees who had formed their own shadow and rebel government. Resources were scarce and The Liberates struggled to keep control of the skies. The atmospheres were constantly invaded by rebels and aliens alike. When the Phoenix returned the Liberates fleet hunted it as well to find out how the accident occur that dilated the skies and plundered their world.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Neptune Prime

The planet was called Neptune Prime. After exploring the deepest part of the ocean, earths scientists find clues to help them colonize a water planet similar to earth. The seas have decreased and artificial functions are no longer capable of cleaning and expanding the oceans. As glaciers melt away at a surprising rate in a matter of days earths is set to diseentagrate because of warming. The barriers that keep the oceans in place are no longer there. A crew launches to a world similar to earth, found on an expedition into the Pacific Ocean and find a parallel world. The crew it set to launch and come back.

St. Michael's Churches


After Michael was lost, the Archangels set out to find him.
They narrowed their search to the churches of St. Michael
all over the earth. They thought he might be hidden in one
of these churches. The churches spread from Europe
to the Middle East on the map below. They are marked
with red dots. Where do you think Michael
might be?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Matthews and Dr. Livingstone

Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Livingstone was curious and knew all the dialects and sounds in the ocean, and had knowledge of every animal that ever lived. She was a zoologist, linguist, and oceanographer. She found a unique way to converse with animals in the sea, and could turn that dialect into one that would communicate with animals in a parallel world. She could decipher whole languages and could talk to them through prehistoric hieroglyphics. She lived in an island in an old lighthouse house. She came on board the exploration mission to this parallel world where these Prehistoric animals thrived. She wanted to see them, be a part of the mission and was amazed at what she saw. She was skeptical of NOAA’s intent but once she relaxed, Brett and Dr. Livingstone bonded over oceanography.

Brett Matthews

       Dr. Brett Matthews grew up watching the ships come in. He was brought up by a single mother. The sea was his escape, he watched and dreamed he had a family and was in another place altogether. He imagined far away places and wondered where the ships had been. These guys seemed to have everything that got off these ships. He stowed away as a child but local sailors found him and took him back home. One fell in love with his mother. His father was a three time divorcee but wanted a family and retirement as well.

     Theodore Matthews drilled Brett in maritime, navigation, and seafaring. He had the discipline and family he always needed. His father made sure his application was accepted into the naval academy. Brett joined the military after high school was a career officer. He was surprised at the how quickly the time went by in the military.  Brett was glad to retire but soon after that NOAA. They needed some to provide a cease fire someone without a past or future. Brent found the skins from the aquatic prehistoric animals or APA they were called. He would build the ship and he would pilot the mission to their world.



Thursday, October 12, 2017

Phoenix Introduction


The Phoenix is met in a torn atmosphere by a Liberatas
 fleet of bombers. It narrowly escapes again, unharmed, because
 it turned into the Phoenix Bird, was reborn, and took flight.
It was found by Nasa in the Stratosphere. The Phoenix is unique
because its design, is that of a fighter, stream jet, and rocket
all in one aircraft Phoenix is escorted by 3 Nasa private jets to
a tattered Nasa Fleet. West sees and lands on a hidden Nasa Fleet
air born Aircraft carrier. Nasa is still in rebellion and hiding within
the atmospheres has managed to advance its weapons and bring its
force online despite being hunted and dismantled by the Liberatas

Nasa Fleet

Neptune 2


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hillary Jewel Match

Hillary Jewel Game

Hillary Jewel Game

      Hillary  is a teen chemist from a family of witches. One day a super natural
incident triggers powers of an alchemist.She finds out that her family sealed
the essence of an ancient alchemist in her body. This alchemist is waking,
she has to learn to use her first power of fire very quickly. She does not remember
how to use her other powers, of wind, fire, and water. The ring found with her is
dying and the jewels must be replaced for Hillary to get her powers back and live.
for she cannot be separated from the Alchemist.

    Hillary needs to find the missing jewels for her rings.See if you can arrange the jewels
in this match game for Hillary. You score if you make a match. Once Hillary's
ring begins to work again, she can get her powers back and she can will regain her

Hillary's Game

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hannibal Crane

This is the fist look at a young Hannibal Crane.

He is from the book  Life and Adventures of Hannibal Crane. Hannibal Crane is an immortal that was born at the beginning of time.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Stratosphere Birth Story

The Phoenix was apart of Skylar West. She did everything she could to save it. Its wings rolled under body as armor, small pilot cockpit on the beak of the ship that nestles into the body bridge, the rest of the ship is sleek. The tail is a wide docking bay surrounded by a decontamination array. Ashes turn to second shield and fall away when the ship rises for flight. Wings rolled under and tiles linked like an armadillo for the first shield. Its body is in the aerodynamic design of a bird with wings that expand in the sky and collapse for landing. The Phoenix turns into a magical creature saving the crew from demise. It survives transformation and stayed in stasis 500 years before revived. The new air engine blew a whole in space and time at mach and was caught in the layers of the stratospheres of earth.
copyright 2004 Yolanda L Parker


Friday, September 29, 2017


      Lucier named himself Lucious and his daughter Ariel.  Ariel appeared as a young girl as a red head to an adult with red eye brows, red clothes, pink hair, and with deep purple eyes. The archangels did not know how she was conjured or who was her mother. When they fell the angels bred with humans, and their angel time always wound in circles in heaven. Twenty years on Earth was less or more of reality. She could be a little girl, woman, or both. The vibe and atmosphere surrounding the psychic was enough for Michael. When they left her store in Tel Aviv they knew Ariel was near.  Michael was infuriated, it was because his signals were blurred, and all that Lucifer had planned had fallen into place. They did not know where she was but all of the signs began. So the archangels began to search for the Anti  Christ, and she was female.

       Lucifer gave her an Angel name. When Michael heard of this he became even more angry. At least Lucifer was worthy of an angel name. She was more than a Nephilim. He treated her as offspring and flesh. Lucifer conjured Ariel of magic but she was and of blood and bones. She lived with her father, and he took the shape of a snake. She lived amongst many snakes disguised and some appeared to be demons. It was actually one snake Lucifer, who came and went from her apartment at will, and of course she could not control her father. But she was his little princess, and he would give her a kingdom of snakes and demons.

      God locked Lucifer in the form of a dragon. He appeared as red boa with yellow eyes that  wrapped around his daughter and would not let go of her. He would latch on to her wrist or ankle at times when he needed attention. Her boa slept above her bed. He appeared as a large cobra, black as much as 12 foot long with red eyes that shocked even Ariel at times. He morphed and reigned in Hell as red lizard 6 foot tall, with horns. He rode to her rescue as the dragon that conquered all of Hell which his daughter rode at times. He also appeared as a male with red and blonde hair that knocked at her door.

       Lucifer did not want consensus, he wanted followers. He wanted to rule, and did not care to hear what they had to say. Most of the time he appeared to listen to baby dragon but quickly dismissed what she had to say. Lucifer wanted to be in charge in Heaven. He thought he was the smartest and the best, and of course was to be the most beautiful. He tricked Ramiel into writing a contract that would exchange his place with Michael. This would give him all the keys to all the world as well as heaven and all of its realm. Mekaton knew something was wrong with the contract, it was cloaked  in magic, but Ramiel would not listen. Ramiel thought he could lock Lucifer into his place in the corp. Lucifer went too far, and tried to appear and be Michael, not just take his position and keys. Lucifer could not take control of Michael or his powers, and therefore all the horns sounded all over heaven, Michael was left unconscious and all the worlds unlocked and open! At the end Michael could not hurt her, he drew his sword. " No, " they called. "You should have killed me when you could," she mocked,  then she was gone,,and left only pink smoke behind.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Alexandra Steele in Teen Droid

Alexandra Steele

Alexandra Steele left the platform and got ready to enter. This was a subsidiary of Steele industries. She was with her daughter Alexis. Alexandra knew they needed to leave earth, and stay with Samantha in this world forever. After she created the robot Politicians with Samantha there was no going back. Somehow Samantha’s husband found out that she was behind the coup. Samantha should know this by now. The robotic Politicians were released into the public population. Some were cyborg, most made of Samantha's top secret semantics, and Alexandra was the failsafe she knew all that made them human. Justin was a judge and he knew there was no going back between worlds either, where would it all end?

Dr. Steele was Hannibal’s third wife, and knew he would live longer than her. He was an immortal and she needed to find Hannibal Crane if only to find out what he had turned into. He would evolve and change again. She would never let go of him. Alexandra was still the most diabolical and resourceful of all the Steeles. Her daughter was conceived in a laboratory with the last of his tissue. She was still a formidable biological scientist, she looked around and wondered if her husband Hannibal was here. This Earth would have to have to be enough. She was on the run and she and Samantha had conquered the old earth if only by afar. 

      The robotic politicians were cheap easy, and would vote anyway their maker wanted. Most of them were indistinguishable from humans, with one exception, they could not be bought. They were Samantha's with the turn of a key, and a whisper of a command. There were a few elites who ran the earth because of their enormous wealth. They could buy anything, anyone, and they did. There was always an equalizer in nature, they did not have many children, many they could trust because of their great wealth, but wanted to keep the population down. Alexandra was one of them, one of the richest in the world. She and Samantha concocted this plan just for the fun of it. She adjusted her exoskeleton, her bionic eyes and nervous adjusted to the dim light of this world. She entered the warehouse. Samantha got her into this she would have to get her out of it. 

"You can't buy class or a good plastic surgeon," Alexandra Steele.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Neptune 1 Story

In 2030 The people of the earth fled to the sea, to explore, mine, prevent and escape   what they thought would be a global warming catastrophe on earth. After a slew of typhoons and monsoons they wanted to learn more about it so they put their best scientists on the job. The seas on earth were now policed by a huge lucrative monopoly intertwined in all levels of government. It was a sea faring mission at first of cruise and mining, and recreational vessels named Neptune 1. 
The miners broke through to another space of earth that would become a living horror. The materials found in a cave below the surface were resilient, glowed, and could change shape. Brett Matthews was amongst the crew that was investigating the hide. He was called after scientists found bulks of the material in underwater caverns. Brett had sandy blonde hair, a beard and looked as if he spent his whole life at sea. He flashed his blue eyes as he walked amongst the scientists in NOAA wet suits. He was the government representative. They worked in a space in Zion National Park Utah and had never found traces of the animal hide this far east. He knew enough to know it was ages old.

Julia began secretly stealing fragments of this top secret material from her friend who worked at NOAA. She ran tests on them as she ran into her home which was a light house on a lot she paid 10,900 dollars for a half an acre near a volcano in Hawaii. The tests showed the material harvested was whale like, and recent. Upon further inspection, Julia Livingston found they had made a mistake as they mined through a space in earth's floor to another dimension. The people knew about the hide, and its shape shifter capabilities. They even knew it was organic, what they did not know was that the government was making a ship out of it and was looking for more of it, at all costs. Julia had a task ahead of her. So she began giving lectures all over the world, until one day Brett Matthews showed up at her door and told him to follow him with soldiers and security. 

       Julia put one hand on its hull it called to her. Similarly Julia has been called to work with whales ever since she was two years old. She had an infinity with the large seas mammals she knew one when she saw it. She closed her eyes and withdrew her hand quick. Ship preparations took 6 months, yet Neptune 2 was organic and first of its kind. The ship could cruise in black and cloak in neon colors if needed. They found an electrical nerve response that fused and worked with metal years after the animal’s death. The metal used in the ship was not known, mining was one thing, but making an organic ship like a whale that could live 80 years without repair was another, this made them fair play. Where did the miners get the materials? They were organic, similar and familiar as whales, yet ancient old, millions of years old and could last forever. 

     Initial scans found oceans were as tall as Sky scrapers, and surface waves were as tall as mountains, the underwater terrain was ferocious and littered with warm blooded creatures, clustered in hot volcanoes that blew bubbles of blue heat hot as fire and cold as ice in one measure. Upon her launch the Neptune 2 quickly became a target and once they cleared the opening other creatures were drawn to the ship because its hull resembled themselves and relatives. The animals had one thing in common, they glowed, shape shifted and blended with every metal on earth.  Julia was aboard and knew they had to use this ship and she had to be there.




Sunday, September 24, 2017

Archangel Faith: Found Michael

      The archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Curael, and Azreal searched for Michael to the end of all times. Michael was the key to all the doors and the only key. They were lost without him.  They knew this search would be difficult. He had been missing for quite sometime.  They knew he had to be somewhere on earth or caught in a place in between, until Raphael saw a sign in the horizon that belonged to the Chief Archangel. It was 'Michael ' written in ancient Greek in a way that resembled a star in the sky. They ran to a clearing below the star and saw Michael standing on the ground.


Hillary Hermes Character Sketch

 Her height is 5 10, shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes, and weight 130.  She is between 19-500 depending upon who you ask.  Her defects are-missing memory. She wears casual clothing.   Her complexion is bronze and great athletic ability-speed.  She has great health, Physical skills-can manipulates the periodic table, immortal, can manipulate energy, read minds, She is very attractive.   Her dominate core trait is that she is immortal with the immortality gene on TA-65.  Enzyme telomerase is present in her blood. She is superhuman and can be mortally wounded developed brain and skills to thwart time. She can manipulate classical elements of matter.
The alchemist is addicted to lying, she is a stranger to romance and inhibited by it. She always searches to be good person, and to use her powers for good and evil.  She has intelligence locked away in her brain of all things because she has lived for so long. She is dramatic and tends to exaggerate. Her voice quality is high, alarming.  She fears finding out about her past. She is bothered by the revelation that she has no biological family, she gets bored easily. She is upper middle class.  She is unsure of her upbringing or birthplace, although she learns that she is French.  She appears to be a college student, but his education is unlimited.

Her conscious goal is to survive and survive so she can be happy with Dino.  She has an inner need to be loved, but the flaw that blocks that need is realism and cynicism of the trappings of being with a vampire. She is curious. She sometimes rambles when excited and upset, and doesn’t make sense. Often in awe of supernatural details.

 Hillary Hermes has an unmatched knowledge of science.  She wears what is believed to be the philosopher’s stone. The ring contributes to her health and allows her to phase or shift in and out of time and space.  Hillary's dialogue style is firm yet soft. The alchemist is always tough, she doesn’t always want to be saved, will find a logical way out of every problem by talking out loud.  Physically she looks like an athlete. 

Her psychology is complex and she is plagued from anxiousness from the  2nd personality, and has developed memory loss.   She is really from the 1600’s in her past life she was a peasant girl in a small town in France, who was an alchemist. She worked and achieved mind over matter and unlocked the powers of the mind in a short amount of time. She had friends who were witches and hunted all over France.  Being an alchemist was enough to put one on trial for witch craft.  She froze her friends and herself in time at the exact time that they were to be hung for witch craft.  Her friend’s descendants were the Sommers witches.

Hillary Hermes religion is Wiccan.  She’s “The it girl.”  The girl every one wants to talk to in college her hobby is alchemy and learning sorcery.  Her relationship with others is awkward.  She often feels she is not part of this world not part of this world. She has a good attitude. 

       She is prejudiced against Dino Ferreti.  She hates it when people think she’s fragile.   She believes in all superstitions.  She has ambitions of being a sorceress and values witchcraft. She imagines she and Dino are together, but can’t imagine it at the same time. She is quick witted.  She has an impatient temperament.  She likes that Dino is constantly trying to rescue her, but she doesn’t need it.  She dislikes when people around her are in danger.  She is and always has been a researcher, specialty is chemistry and physics, who unlocks the mysteries of the periodic table, she works in a lab on campus.



Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fallen Archangel Azazel

Azazel was always fearful and blamed others, but this put him in situations where he had rotate the blame. He always wanted to be more than second. When he wasn't eating he wanted everything else that gave him pleasure. All of it. His pride pushed him on and he would never stop. First under Michael now he had to compete with Michael for Cat. And he took her from him. She was everything, and he lusted after her.

Azazel had to take the blame because a plot back fired on him. He wanted to be more than second. When he wasn't eating he wanted everything else that gave him pleasure. All of it. His pride pushed him on and he would never stop. First under Michael now he had to compete with Michael for Cat. And he took her from him. She was everything, and he lusted after her.
Azazel was off foiled because he trusted the wrong, person. He was mentally hurt. He lashed out at the person who he thought was to blame but had nothing to do with it. He always wanted to be more than second. When he wasn't eating he wanted everything else that gave him pleasure. All of it. His pride pushed him on and he would never stop. First under Michael now he had to compete with Michael for Cat. And he took her from him. She was everything, and he lusted after her. 

Azazel would forgive the person who betrayed him and they would use him and the cycle continued. He wanted to be more than second. When he wasn't eating he wanted everything else that gave him pleasure. All of it. His pride pushed him on and he would never stop. First under Michael now he had to compete with Michael for Cat. And he took her from him. She was everything, and he lusted after her.
Azazel would not continue to work with his betrayer and wind up on the ropes again. He wanted to be more than second. When he wasn't eating he wanted everything else that gave him pleasure. All of it. His pride pushed him on and he would never stop. First under Michael now he had to compete with Michael for Cat. And he took her from him. She was everything, and he lusted after her.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Alien Covenant Review


Kristin from Doppelganger

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Rain Rivers from Quantico

Rain Rivers from Quantico

Ego and Id

Ego and Id
He preferred reality and she preferred fantasy. He preferred relationships with many without getting close. She preferred relationships with strangers and masses, both not getting close to either or making much time in their lives for them. Matters upset him that did not upset her. He was very tidy to the point of OC disease, she cleaned at her pace. Matters upset her that did not upset him. Yet they met in the middle on some points, yet he could not live without her and she him.
copyright 2018 Yolanda L Parker

Destiny Gallen

Destiny Gallen 

Destiny Gallen was to be aborted but, her parents decided to keep her. She was the only survivor of an avalanche that killed everyone in a hotel including her mother and father. Her family was vacationing in the Swiss alps. She survived that day with one white pup, and she was quickly flown to her grand parents house. Her life would be either longer than most or as short as most, but she had already become a survivor. She knew she had only three strikes, and two were gone.
Destiny grew up with survival guilt. She knew she had a destiny in life, yet at some point she would either survive or not survive, this was the way of nature, order, and the world.

Born Destiny Hero, daughter of a Japanese  military contractor, She finds herself in the on a space station in the near future when people are trying to get off the earth. The space station has been turned into a medical hospital. She is the administrator and at times bumps heads with the commander, a military general sent there to keep order. Destiny touches down in California to see why people are leaving with her friend Ava. Ava was a street kid plucked from the streets of Brazil by the military who is now a brilliant scientist. California is dry and has been taken over by Asia.  Destiny learns the water of the earth is contaminated. They have a supply left for two days. The world is now divided by the east and the West and the west is dwindling and loosing. All westerners have retreated to the medical hospital. Only wealthy professionals have been able to get there because the station is located out near one of the second earths found in 2016, named Nameste. She never thought she would be the North American Water Commissioner, she knew without water they had no future.


Friday, September 1, 2017


Today he was blonde little boy around the age of eight with blue eyes, average height and average weight. He was the chief archangel over all of the cupids and ruled over  their realm in heaven. Curiel was a cupid. He was an archangel and lived with their Father in the sky palace. Curiel was a great puzzler, and he would be in an asset in a classroom. Curiel did not change bodies, he always kept the body of a child and did not need to adjust to earth, thus he was stronger, and his mind always sharp, and there was no down time. Curiel had just appeared he never walked up. His strength was that he was so quiet, and came to a rational decision after he heard the whole story. Curiel out ranked all of the archangels. He was always under estimated.



Ramiel The Cleaner

Ramiel wasn’t a cleaner because he was the worst lawyer. It was because he was the best the best killer. He was naturally deceitful. The ancient language of this lawyer was of course Latin, He moved his hand over the man and uttered something, from ages ago that would allow them to inhabit the body without possessing. This pushed the humans who had these bodies deep in the frontal lobe to the side of the mind in the realm of imagination. They would be safe there. When this was done they could use these bodies. Michael would allow him to proceed by keeping quiet. The archangel captain took the body of a Caucasian human male who was around thirty six. He had  bright yet deep blue eyes and was homeless. He stood and sparkled in the beige leather jacket, trousers, and white shirt the man wore. He had a small body type and was the smallest of the archangels.

The solicitor was and is his father’s lawyer. He interpreted and spoke law to all. He was educated in the royal library. He was known across all the realms as justice. He was a juvenile and public defender on earth. He was a, cleaner, cleaned up messes, and kept everything right and smooth. He loved justice and his work. He interpreted and upheld God’s law.

He didn’t want to even go near the dark objects whereever they were, but Michael needed something made out of the doll found in the girl’s house. Ramiel loved Michael and his Father more than anything else. He defended God’s law and was very intelligent. Ramiel stood and walked back down town. He went to his office in the first townhouse on the right. He made some calls trying to get the boy out of jail. Then he called Gabriel last.

Ramiel, the powers colonel ,was afraid of demotion, loss of class, rank, and status. His family members trusted yet did not trust him. He wanted and needed to be helpful but his ambition got in the way. Ramiel aspired to have Michael’s respect. The solicitor valued and believed in his father. He wanted his place, rank, yet easily wanted a normal life. He dreamed of being human with a wife and kids and this great secret was what Lucifer used against him.

Ramiel had mixed and up and down depression and it was at times as if bi polar. He understood and could feel it. He hated this part of emotions it was prevalent in the body that he inhabited. He could relate to humans that felt this but pulled away when this became real to him and those around him. Ramiel had a tendency to feel sorry for himself and all the loneliness that came with that. They were plagued with some emotions associated with the seven deadly sins because they inhabited human bodies this was their weakness.

Ramiel felt anger. He could at times channel dark angels because of this. He was fixated on being well behaved but slipped when no one was looking. He seemed calm but was mischievous and sneaky. He liked humans yet disliked humans. Ramiel snapped but could forget easily and show love especially when one least expected. He could be nasty, sharp, agreeable, bad, sour, and not trustworthy. Most either hated of loved him. He hated humans  to the point of envy and tried to stay at home in the castle so he did not have to socialize.  


      Ragule  landed two alleys down from the palace. The only body he could find was this one. He was muscled and extremely large. His large shoulders were built to carry the throne. He was at least seven foot tall and towered over Michael. He had brown to red hair with a crew cut, with eyes that were the color blue, and as transparent as ice. He was a noble emperor of the Giants, and he could settle them with one whisper from the palace as he served his father.
Ragule was large and jolly. He was a giant amongst men yet unseen. He loved food. He was intimidated by high rank and well born. He had the intelligence of the streets. Eating was his habit and his love. Ragule smiled, and betrayed his like or disgust with his facial expressions or his brow. He could be learn as well as teach at the same time. 
Ragule was wayward and gullible to the point of clumsiness. He hated being the only one who cared enough to follow orders. Yet he was the only one who followed them. Sure Raphael and Gabriel, and Uriel followed orders. The fallen were always wayward. Yet Ragule, Sariel, And Ramiel were given leniency because Michael favored them and knew how they were.
            Ragule wasn't superstitious. He was ambitious. He loved to cook as much as he loved to eat. He would spend time in the kitchen learning about food and inhaling the treats and using his taste buds. This body knew about good food. This man was well fed and he wasn't about to disappoint. He was a guard in the palace. He dreamed all his life to be on earth and now he was here. He was hearty yet jittery.
         Ragule’s voice was deep, but held innocence and naivety. He was the kindest of the archangels. Yet weary and skeptical of others. He was a commander and noble like the rest. He was a throne. He carried and served their father like none other. He was one of only six thrones. He was more times than not happy. He would chuckle and laugh at the end of each sentence. He valued loyalty and family. It had been a long day. These bodies tired so easily and he as well unless he was in his other form, a star that lasted forever, like a human life but years beyond until it died. He dropped his 350 pounds in the chair closest to the door.  He was hungry. Then he stood and took off the coat to his suit and threw it in the chair was he walked to the kitchen.

 The Palace Guard

         The place guard was a difficult job. But Ragule knew the palace unlike any other. In fact he often disappeared and reappeared in seconds.  Still this wasn't good enough for some. He treated the memory like a waking nightmare as he looked into the fire. Still he did his best at his job to guard the palace even if it wasn't good enough for some. He pushed back in the chair and cupped the bottom of his beard.
        Ragule was appointed security in most times for most causes. He knew defenses. Michael trusted his council, he had too. Ragule cased the museum from across the street. If Michael told him to stay he told him to stay. It was like being on a stakeout all of the time. His superiors gave him the same beat as Diana's father. Pretending to be snooping for Michael and the department was difficult for the smoothest person in the most difficult circumstances, but he was not smooth. Maybe this would be easy for Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael. They were beyond reproach but could cover their lies better. Nevertheless he loved being a human. He could drive his car, to the scene breathe, and take things slow. This body had its limitations but it made life even slower, there was no need to catapult into the sky and speed to the other side of the world in a split second, this too tiresome. Unless he was to save the day. He could do enough solving with his detective work right here on earth. 
        Ragule’s body was composed of stardust, this guy was large, and he was always hungry. Ragule rolled up his sleeves pulled up his pants, and went to inside the local pastry shop in front of the museum. He ate his donut and narrowed in with his X-ray vision.  He looked like a middle aged man in the mirror, and in this suit. He looked as if he had been wearing it all day and it was just the morning. These humans had low energy in the palace he could do four jobs with no problems. Stardust and gravity did mix but this man’s weight was no help.


Sariel's eye sight became narrow like a bird's. It could zero in on the belongings in the apartment. This was his best asset and the reason he was on the force.  Sariel never did anything that would bother his singing voice. It was still daylight yet around 5:00 pm in the evening. Sariel could hear the sounds of animals. He could follow them as quick as they moved with his lightening flash precision. He saw a bird out of the side of his eye. He could hear it but it moved faster than he could see it. The pile of leaves crunched and then fluttered. He moved his head again and saw it jump from the middle of the large trees and hid in the rest. He blasted the leaves gently with his X ray vision, with just enough of power to see the bird, but it knew he was there anyway.
Sariel listened as Uriel started telling the tale of how he found this  guy, who had just been run over. He fell like a rain drop beside the man on the side on the road and bounced over to his hand. He lit up the man’s body like a bolt of lightning. The man woke, with chest pain, and rolled to the other side of the road. He was still stunned. Uriel remembered everything in the man’s mind. He was young, and ran from police and trouble alike,but not too far gone that he couldn't be rehabilitated.
Sariel looked at Ramiel, who was the best at reading people, although he never used his talent. Ragule sat outside on the stoop looking hot and tired. He lost his keys and felt he was going to burst out of those clothes with his large muscular frame. He was not used to wearing suits. Ramiel took a lollipop from his pocket. He snatched the wrapper off and started to suck on it.
Sariel was transfixed. He saw a large eagle grace the blue skies above. He imagined he was back at his home, with the eagles and hawks at his command and wings on his shoulders. He could not communicate, but still had his usual way, song. Plus he had other gifts, of talking to all animals through his mind, which he never used until now. He was left with only this sense his voice was gone. It was large and coasted along the invisible barrier between the heavens that only they could see.
Sariel wandered like a man without a kingdom. His long stringy hair blew in the wind when angered, and nature was at his whim. He was used to the plains and fields. He had a unique place in and out of court. He was first in his master's choir a noble position. He roamed the land in day and night in flight. His eyes were brown, small, and beady. Without his voice he was lost in and around the humans. He had the intelligence of the wild and all of the animals in the world. 
Sariel was always quiet and more so alone. His attitude was sharp but he settled quickly. He had no energy for great displays. The gravity weakened him. He spent more time flying than the others. It was his natural state. Gravity played tricks on him. It crippled his mind and unsettled his gait. He was wary of those who would mistreat animals. 
He was spooked like a bird. He was more animal than the rest of them. His home was in the sky. Gravity had a strange effect on him. He felt as if he was pressed  to the ground. It was another weight on his shoulders. The other was to always appear just and self-righteous. Sariel was always quiet and looked as if he was hiding something. He trusted, talked too much, and otherwise followed people. The quiet were watched  and the blank looks in their eyes were not readable yet silent and leery. He was like a hawk man and knew the minds of the winged well.
The wind blew his hair and he could hear no other sound but that of his brethren miles away. He was not and never was ambitious, and thus was what threatened others as well.  If he closed his eyes he could see himself flying in the skies. He was easily irritated more times than not and could be calmed easily as well.