Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Humans make clones and download their souls when they become ill.

Can XNA out smart DNA?

Soren Hunt leads a group of clones with the help Victoria Justice to hunt the most diabolical criminals of the 24th century.

What does an eastern orthodox monk, a shaddy Chicago priest turned CIA agent, and a televangelist preacher, and a wealthy American billionaire have in common? They were born with XNA in freak accident in 2025. From a North Dakota brewery to the tunnels of Interpol; They lead a group of criminals that are tasked with defeat some of the most notorious fugitives the world has ever known. The eastern orthodox monk Soren Hunt glides down the hall then turns the corner to a secret room. He turns the door knob and walks into a winery hidden in the caverns, to meet the American billionaire who liquidated his assets and retired on an island in the Mediterranean.

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