Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brain Dead

Trapped on a carnival town, Dai Cannon can't let go of her boyfriend who is in a coma, desperately searches for  cure for death, before rigormortis sets in.  She created a brain dependent on hormones to keep herself young. The lead researcher on zombie science placed herself in a coma to prove her research was correct. The zombies were plagued with selective amnesia, and were fated to repeat the wrong story. Only one person could stop him and they woke her. She had power over truth fought with truth. Can she bring the brain back to life?

Logline: A medical experiment brings n entire town back to life with dire consequences.
       "I've been dead before,"-
Her name was Clown, they called her clown because she wore too much make up. He found he ad power over sugar skulls. She woke every morning as if she had rose from the dead.

       Guy Patterson  was always afraid to die, the end came fast and quick when he fell prey to a powerful brain eating amoeba. However he was surprised to find out he not only survived, in had an  appetite for brains and had power over zombies. Fear after fear taunted him in the zombie world, when he entered one of many crypts above water in Louisiana they called to him. He found  a way to harness the fears, turn them into dreams, and blistful world in which he could live forever.

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