Saturday, June 29, 2013

We're Cats

 A teen age boy survives a Werecat attack and has an ancient connection to a pride of these supernatural cats.

      Anwar Aragon was hiking with his classmates when he stumbles into a den of Werecats. The boy had the mark of shen, the beginning and end mark of protection. The Panthera family retreated and spared Anwar once the mark is revealed. He’s the son of Sekhmet and Ptah, through Imhotep, and he begins to exhibit ancient knowledge and powers from his newfound lineage. The Panthera’s decide to protect the boy from other feline prides. It's believed he’s the beginning of an ancient Egyptian prophecy to end the blood thirst for all shape shifting cats. They persuade him to return with them. He leaves the orphanage to save them from Tsavo attack, a shape shifting feline tribe known to eat as many as 100 humans in a single attack. A Tsavo lion bit Anwar, but the spirit inside of him fights the infection. Once bitten he must maneuver his way through the book of the dead and the underworld to fulfil his destiny.

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