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Logline:A medical doctor who was cast out of her world looks  for her mate amongst the most horrifying diseases of all time.

Tagline: They needed the water.

Katerina Grigori is found in Russia, in the 1900's.  She is the original doppleganger, the first, but she won't be the last. She travels the world and has explored time since  BC.

"You cannot live forever. You were not to live forever,"Pretas
"I'm not immortal," Kristen.
 "You have all the blood memories of those before you,"Pretas

Genre-Sci-Fi -Time travel

Theme-Advanced societies that choose to toy or change Mother Nature will only find retribution ultimately returns with a vengeance.
Kristin Grigori was a tireless public servant motivated by greed, now she is bound to serve humanity based on a longing infused in her DNA known as the experimental Time Matrix.

It was earth 2045 and Kristin Grigori’s father made a serum of the longest living animals this world had ever known. The Calderons had strict laws opposing scientific experiments involving their pristine island and its animals. Kristin became an outcast and couldn’t go back home. She roamed the earth from time to time, one of many doppelgangers, and her body reborn every seven years.


Peter Grayson had searched through time looking for the Grigori doppelganger for hundreds of years, through every country time and space on earth.  He finally found her in 19th century Russia. Then the mysterious pathologist Alexander entered the mix and impeded Peter’s efforts at every turn. Peter tried to warn Kristin that her new suitor was not who she thought he was. Peter tried to convince her by telling her the story of her people, one night.

 In the distant future, the mild mannered research physician worked with Zoologist Adam Grigori on an island in the Bermuda triangle. In 2045 they harnessed the power of all of the sea’s creatures that lived below their island.  They kept this serum for themselves and were greedy; and gave their knowledge to the highest bidder.  They would not share it with the rest of the population and the needy and the desolate died as a result.  Only the rich, the intelligent, and the elite survived.

Dr. Kristin Grigori was her father’s greatest protégé, and volunteered with Peter for the first serum injection while not fully aware of her father’s goals. Adam Grigori died in a laboratory explosion, as well as everyone else on the island or so they thought. Peter thought only he and Kristin survived. Seeking to right this wrong Kristin was destined to travel in time caring for those in need and this was their life’s charge.

In a conflict between the doctors and the elite, intelligence won and the doctors prevailed.  As a result, the side effect was that they were slowly becoming sea dwellers themselves.  Her father created a process that would allow them to live on land and sea as well called the Time Matrix that would have a predicted but unexpected side effect that would make the participants change times at will and flee to the sea every seven years.  

Both men were always one step ahead or behind her where ever she went.  She had always known Alexander as a charming bright young man, and was without trouble before Peter arrived out of the water mysteriously like she did. She returned to her work but wondering how she could slow her metabolism like the clam, or why she dived into the ocean, only to emerge from the water with a cardiovascular system like a jellyfish, renewed every seven years.

Kristin became suspicious after she caught Alexander trying to destroy her life’s work.  He revealed himself as super a bacterium that was created when their world was destroyed. His goal was destroy Peter and Kristin, the last immortals from his time. He could make more bacteria and take over this world.  Only Kristin and Peter could stop him and stood in his way.



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