Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hillary Hermes:Thrice Greatest

Thrice Greatest Cover

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"Cats and dogs don't get along," Will Williams.


The war is confined to the outer islands and Hillary is trying to travel back to the past to learn about the Hermes family.  Madeline learns of Dante’s plan to use her to bring his father back to life and she agrees to help Hillary travel back in time.  When she returns she finds that the vampires have bought in a super witch “spellbinder” one that can beak spells, in the mean time she is trying to steal Dino away from Hillary.  Meanwhile the witches have devised a plan to kill Dino.  Will she win Dino back and save his life with the help of her new friends?





·         Dino’s wife comes to town, Dino doesn’t know anything about her

·         Hillary speaks to Kate Somers about her past

·         Madeline and Dante are back together

·         Hillary meets two new friends Riley a wheel chair bound teen who is really a shape shifting Werecat.
Hillary and Steven Doneguard grow closer.

·         The Aristedes roll out their secret weapons:

·         They have a spell binder witch who can break any spell,A shape shifting werewolf

·         Madeline sends Hillary back in time

·         Hillary learns how the Somers sisters sent her there

·         The witches abduct Dino

·         They hatch a plan to kill him, but the spell keeps him in stasis.

·         The spell binder actually shape shifted into Dino’s wife

·         Hillary finds Dino

·         Can she get back in time to save him?

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