Monday, May 13, 2013


 Archangels:Faith Synopsis

We open with Michael fighting over Elijah's body.   “God knows what’s in your heart and mind,” he says.
Diana's Guardian angel,Azreal arrives to help her in Michael's absence.
           “Then he knows I love you, “says Diana.

Michael wants to reassure himself that she means that they all love each other as individuals. He shakes his head in disbelief and leaves. He knows she has fallen in love with him. He can no longer hear god and he knows he has fallen in disfavor with the lord most high. Diana has lost Ronan and Michael and the grief is over whelming. Michael knows he must keep distance from her, has grown dark, lost his powers, and is almost demoted.

Diana’s father is investigating several murders that lead to Cameron Kent other wise known as Shemhaza. Diana arrives just time to save her father. Shemhaza (infamous rebellion, a watcher equal to Azazel comes to the city. He brings with him another mysterious guardian angel, Cameron Kent. He pretends to help Diana and keep her distracted. Diana is focused on getting Ronan back.
Diana begins to learn that he was cast out of heaven. He is involved in a string of killings. Shemhaza tries to revive Ronan.  Ronan’s body has disappeared from his grave. He needs the magic from Moses' cloak. 

Diana begins to question herself after Michael leaves. Cameron Kent convinces her to focus on the future. Shemhaza warns him he must appear to be a good angel.”Don’t worry, I’m a good actor,”he says.  Diana learns faith by going through a series of trials and tribulations, and helping others. She learns to believe in what is seen and unseen. Raphael helps Diana through the trials and she begins to suspect Cameron when he disappears when he knows Raphael is coming.

Michael earns his way back through the ranks by sacrificing himself for a town full of people. He and the other three return to Rome and expose Shemhaza and cast him away from earth.  Cameron Kent disappears for it was Shemhaza who made him.  Diana knows Michael and Ronan are still lost to her, her two loves.

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