Monday, May 13, 2013

Hillary Hermes 3: The Golden Grimoire

Hillary learns to master Earth in  The Golden Grimoire. It contained all the spells to reincarnation and time travel.  Aristedes have turned against each other, . Macro Ferreti is in town and he is not convinced of their new found hatred of each other. He explores his past with theirs in hopes of triggering their true selves.The Marco Ferreti has returned with all the secrets of the past, but no sign of the missing Somers witches. The Aristedes want it and they have figured out how to create an artificial soul.   She needs the power of three to stop them, but can the Somers even help her?

"So your father intends to change the curse?"Hillary said.
"It will be difficult, he is the seventh son, a true vampire, not made," Dino said.
The souls are fleeting and connected through centuries.
"Dino and Dante, your souls equal free will, you are not bound by blood or night this is why they want you," Marco Ferreti.


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