Monday, May 13, 2013

Elf Country

Elf Folk


Brett Butler has always felt different.  Then one of her sisters comes to live with her.
All over 6 foot have trouble fitting in because of the height and noble dispositions.  Their mother moves them from school to school.  All are ballet dancers. They are wise; develop keen senses, and spiritual powers.

All are very graceful with blue or green eyes.  One day they find a picture of their father. He is very tall, very pale with purple eyes. They stumble upon their mother’s journal; she speaks of a mystical place just beyond Stonehenge. They ask their mother and she admits he is an elf. Having trouble fitting into this world they set out to learn about their father and his land. They embark to England and hang a right past Stonehenge. There they find a mysterious plain in between our world and the first sphere where unicorns and gnomes, and fairies that fell from angeldom roam freely. They find their father Leo Magnus living, he is a immortal.


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