Monday, May 13, 2013

Titans and Gods

Chronicles adventures of three girls who are the daughters of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus in opposition to fate. If they submit to them they die.

      Fifteen year old triplets Max,
Dax, and Dex Cyprus have a gift. They can hear the gods old and new talk to each other. They have been to doctor after doctor as children with no results.  They were born within an island chain of volcanos in Hawaii. They soon learn that their gift isn't by chance. It is of flesh and blood. They decide to travel to Greece and learn that they are demi titans, The daughters of fate have decreed that the girls cannot exist. The igls have got the fates agaisnt them, then if matters are n't bad enough Zeus sends out thee of his greatest demi gods to bring about their demise. Will the Gods prevail with the fates on their side.

"You need a demi god,your gifts are not strong enough,"Mithos.
"Who then?" Dex.
"Some of the greatest heros of all time, take your pick,"Mithos.

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