Monday, May 13, 2013

Hillary Hermes 4: Cauldron

            The book opens with the joint wedding of Dante and Victoria and Diana and Jace. Maria's masterpiece is spoiled when Hillary falls ill at the wedding.The vampires have learned the secret to the elixir in Hillary's ring. She has learned wind and is even more dangerous to them. They have captured a black witch named Ming Lee Soto, and she becomes good luck for all. They have turned Aqua regia against her and corrode the noble stones in her ring. They are using a blood ritual to control her. The blood in the stone is the only thing keeping her alive. She needs another ingredient Tantalum found only in Greece in the 18th century to stabilize the ring. Under a spell of protection, Hillary uses wind to travel. Hillary and Dino travel back in time and become separated. Both loose their memories. Can they find each other in ancient Italy to lead them back to their time?  The five  will render the ring indestructible Osmium is rarely found, therein is your trail.

"Blood is an immortal's life, there fore we shall just keep Hillary from her essence," John.
"They've turned wind and water against us  Hillary only you can help us,"Tabitha.
"But  I don't have wind," Hillary.

Andre and Andrea arrive at the Brown Sorceress home.  They are amazed at how easily they can stroll into the trap filled mansion.  “She is probably watching us,” he says.
            “This place gives me the creeps,” Andrea.

“That’s a first for you,” he says.

“I’m surprised to see you here, “Czarina says out of the shadows.

“Fools Gold, “says Andre.

“We have come to discuss the details of Hillary’s ring. Well actually we have a plan, yes Fools Gold,” says Andre.

“We’ll replace the ring with that,” Andrea.

“Iron Sulfide,that’s good,”she says in a hiss.

“The gold will interrupt her control of it,” Andrea explains.

“I am well aware of what it will do. You’ll need more than that. She is the best Alchemist of all time.  Fools Gold won’t fool her.  Come back when you have more,” she says.

“You don’t sound like you care or are willing to help,”Andre taunts again walking closer to her face this time.

“I don’t want to get burned in one of her chemical fires,do you?Well keep digging,” she commands.


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