Monday, May 13, 2013

Teen Droid

A girl falls in love with a android in an alternate universe.

Tagline: He just wanted to be a regular teenage boy.

      Jason Major did very well in a world run by women, in a time when men where expensive indulgences. His mother an elite software tycoon provided very well for he and his sister. Jason Major never understood why he could see between worlds. One day he stumbles upon his father's latest creation, a portal between worlds,that allows him to leap into Paradise High in minutes. Justin soon learns he is in a high stakes game between his Samantha and Justin Major, In a world mixed with androids and humans equally, there is no need for simple things like school.  After all the machines provide everything, but action and adventure. The young android always wanted to go to school. He soon gets his wish along with all the heart breaks and wonder of being a teenager.
One single nano cell has infected a boy and threatens life on earth, Can he save his love and the earth?

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