Monday, May 13, 2013

Ghost Town

A young mother falls in love with her husband. Don't let hungry ghost into your home. Once you do,its over.

Mark and Amanda Lord thought they would never become separated until Mark Lord dies. CIA agent Mark Lord dies in his wife’s arms. He awakes in another body, and fights to get back to her. He fell, as a ghast,half spirit,half human, all in the ghost world hunt him. Want yo come into this world, and take it over, be what he is. Amanda hires a team of paranormal researchers set out to solve the mystery. Maria Garcetti  travels through time and space and finds a home of ghosts who think they are human. Amanda finds herself navigating through a dangerous crime underworld. It's the house of a violent cult of the 1960's. Can she help Mark and Amanda find each other again?

Introducing Smoke and Black Ghost(he appears like a black cat between deaths and can speak to the dead) saw them in the forest around the house, around all the houses in the small space. She forgot cats could live off the land, but there was something about this colony of cats, something more.

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