Monday, May 13, 2013

Hillary Hermes 5:Codex

Hillary book 5

Andre falls in love with a local witch and Diana and Jace decide to adopt. Once we find out how I got here it’s on to discovering the quintessential element! I wake up to one of my dreams.  Hillary and Dino and Madeline and Sax find out what they really mean to each other.”Quintessence, unconsciousness-used to transport through time, or freeze oneself-immortality,” That’s how I came here, but something went wrong, ”I mouth to myself. 

The road to spirituality. Hillary sees the path to master enlightenment.

No vampire, ghost or ghoul could touch it. The vampires pursue their next goal to make Hillary create souls, she wouldn’t or couldn’t until now. Aqua vitea,spirits of wine.


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